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Kiddie Land Child Care

Where children learn and grow!


Our highly trained caregivers are here to assist your child in his/her first year of life. We focus on stimulating your child's cognitive development and helping him/her explore their surroundings in a safe and nurturing environment. We work to develop fine and gross motor skills through interactive play.


Now that the foundation is set, it's time to build. Our toddler room enhances skills that have been developed in the first year of life. We build on your child's cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. We feel it is important to expose children to different activities that will help them grow in all four domains. Our teachers prepare a lesson plan weekly based on the Mother Goose curriculum to help achieve this goal.


Our Pre-K2 classroom is geared towards learning. In this classroom your child will continue building and growing in all four domains. We use the nationally recognized Mother Goose curriculum in addition to other fun activities that stimulates the brain. We also work on potty training and independence.


Now that your child's learning career has started, it's time to capitalize. Our preschool classrooms use District 5 curriculum to prepare your child for kindergarten. Our classrooms are set up so your child can explore, learn, and have fun at the same time. We believe that each child is unique and we try to work with them to meet their personal goals as well as educational goals.

Pre-K- Our center is an approved First Steps 4K program. For more information on First Steps check out :


Our afterschool program provides a safe and secure atmosphere for students to do homework and socialize with friends. We provide an afternoon snack and opportunity to work with our staff on completing homework. After the work is done it's time to play and socialize. We encourage children to make new friends and have fun after a long day.

Summer Camp-

Our summer camp is a fun and educational way to enjoy a summer while moms and dads work. We offer full day care for children 5-12 years of age. Our program is set up were we take field trips everyday in addition to doing many crafts throughout the summer.

Why us?

Caring for the children of Anderson for more than 30 years!